is someone using my britannia on instagram

I mean it’s okay as long as you, like, ask, and give me a little credit maybe like on one picture link back to me

but like there’s an account that is eerily similar to my britannia

sorry if this sounds rude


Btw, my Halloween costume is the same costume I’m gonna use for all my muses, so get your asks for maid!britannia ready

guess what I just got punks

hint: it’s my halloween costume

Halloween is coming up soon. Send me an ask with what you think my muse should dress up as.

My darling followers I love you all

they have england brows

canon babies?????????

Hi, mum ... I was just thinking ... This is a stupid question, I suppose ... But were you ever proud of me?


oh my darling deary

that is not a stupid question at all

of course I have always been proud of you do not ever doubt that

Dia Duit Mama Brittania! May I hit my annoying older brothers with a stick? I'll promise not to kill them ;)

you may not

What is your Favorite food to make?
— Anonymous

eh I do not cook much

I know I am bad at it

do youlikebigbutts?

what about them?

I guess they are nice

how much trouble was england to raise? what was a specific thing did he do to bug you?
— Anonymous

so much trouble

I couldn’t understand him

he spoke that damn germanic language

not a word of any celtic tongue

Your son is so lovely ~


which one?

The tiny child named Cornwall crawled into her mum's lap, snuggling into her. "I'm cold, mum." She told her.

"oh my child, here, have a blanket"

guess what I’m wearing punks

Here, have a teeny tiny Scotland.