Okey dokey 46 more followers until my first thousand
I plan to make a video of some sort so make requests for what you wanna see
I also plan to do promos or something like that
Anything else you want for the celebration just tell me

So my friend made me make a line account, I guess I should post it here
My username is vicinee
Yeah okay

You have permission to flirt with me anonymously. Starting now.





I got one ;-;

Please? This looks fun

put a symbol in my ask

✿ -  I’m too shy to talk to you
✩ - You inspire me
☼ - You make me smile
☏ - I wish we’d talk more
✌- I want to get to know you
☺ - I want to be your friend
#- I want to thank you
✓ - I like you
♣ - I want to cuddle you
❀ - I think I’m falling for you
* - I want to kiss you
♥ - I’m in love with you
愛 - I love you
∞ - I want to date you
© - Will you be mine?

Aw shoot I lost a follower :/
But I will not lose hope of reaching a thousand
There will be a great celebration just you wait

Can I get a promo pretty please *puppy dog eyes*

what does the fox say?



the fox says fuck you

I dare you to teepee Rome's house
— Anonymous

oh I like this dare

send dares


Ah know. Im just being protective.

it’s so cute

can I keep it?

Ma be carful hes only a week old. Remember te support his head!

this is not the first time I have held a baby

((Drop a DARE in my muse’s inbox!))


((If they refuse to do the dare, they must reveal one embarassing truth about themselves!))

Here have a hold of yer new grandson. *Is Holding *

a baby!!!!!

come here to grandmum

Any embarrassing baby stories from when England was little?
— Anonymous

for a while he would follow his father around and repeat every word he said